. It would be practically impossible to imagine the current world without fashion.

My interest and passion for fashion was born in Venezuela, where I am from, since I was a little kid. A kid who played with all of my mother's clothes and would see her come out elegant and coquette as always.

And there it all begun. Since we were little girls, we always dreamed of being like mom. 

She, an avant-garde woman, fashionable, classy, and with a unique taste when getting dressed.I saw myself in the mirrow and that is when I wonder: ¿Who am I today? ¿What is the core reason of creating Tenu? I am a girl who likes to be and look very well dressed for every occasion.

Seeing this broad world and listening to my friends commenting and asking me: ¿where do you buy your clothes? ¿How do you go about finding the perfect match? ¿How do you know what looks good on you? A concern came up to me, and that is, although it is true that when I arrived to the United States I got involved with the makeup world.

But that was missing a complement, that today I can say without hesitation, it is the label that will set the trend from now on. This project, my project, is called TENÜ and it is here to become your lifestyle, so you feel comfortable, dynamic, elegant, chic, so you can be set on each and every one of your days.

With a definite purpose, TENÜ arrives to highlight feminine beauty, to help and encourage you to believe in yourself, to feel secure, express your emotions, and to be who you are in those special moments of your life.In each piece that we design and choose for you, creative design, quality of materials, and impeccable workmanship are our priority.

Our designs have a special attention to detail and desire, which makes you want to try them on and take them home. We are inspired by the Romantic, avant-garde, and casual style. That is why we inspire each season with unique collections that are unmistakable for their design and authenticity.

An American brand with an international vision whose main values ​​are outstanding service, authenticity, and innovation that designs unique outfits for every occasion so you look and feel like the unique girl you are, or what I like to call you, my Tenü girl.

My philosophy: Dressing is an art. That is why my idea is that all girls can have the opportunity to express themselves through my brand with unique outfits.

Even those who want to renew their image and don't know where to start. At Tenu, we have what you need for that ocassion. Staring today, I want you to accompany me on this journey, which I am sure will be valuable and full of joy as we go together and live this TENÜ experience.